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By using the website www.vmhomedesign.com you also agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of the use described in the following paragraphs:

1. General Conditions

1.1 The management and operation of the website www.vmhomedesign.com, hereinafter referred VM Home Design, are the responsibility of the company Edgar Vieira Unipessoal, Lda based in Rua Eng Machado Vaz, nº 3756, 5370-440 Mirandela, tel: 278 249 455 , telm: 918996226, email: geral@vmhomedesign.com, NIF. 509744621, registered at conservatória do registo comercial de Mirandela under the same number.

1.2 All the rules and procedures contained in this document does not contradict in any way or form the applicable legislation, and its intention to frame the rights and duties of the user interface, as a visitor, with the VM Home Design.

1.3 Prices and promotions in the VM Home Design website are specific and can be effective only for limited periods of time.

2. Contents

2.1 Images, information and all other content present here are intended to private use not allow to be used with external goals to the scope of VM Home Design.

2.2 VM Home Design always will strive to ensure that all information disclosed on the site is free of publication errors, so we are committed to carry out any corrections that are necessary when it is detected an error that might significantly alter the conditions of perception by site users.

2.3 Any changes to the website content will only be enforceable between the parties after its effective publication online.

2.4 The images shown are intended exclusively to illustrate the listed items while in itself not subject to any commercial transaction between you and VM Home Design.

2.5 The website has been optimized for high-quality view, VM Home Design doesn’t assumes the responsibility for any case in which the viewing of it proves inadequate or impossible.

2.6 Product image colors can look different from reality and depend on factors outside the responsibility of VM Home Design, like the user's computer equipment characteristics.

2.7 The fittings and accessories shown in photos are never included, unless otherwise indicated.

2.8 To clarify any doubts or obtain information about the products promoted on the website, please contact via e-mail loja@vmhomedesign.com.

3. Price

3.1 The prices published in http://www.vmhomedesign.com are in euros and pounds, include all mandatory taxes imposed by law and are valid except for publication error or stock rupture.

3.2 Unless otherwise indicated, the selling prices of the products published do not include delivery and assembly services.

3.3 VM Home Design reserves the right to charge a certain amount for delivery in specific cases, which will be calculated by the scale in force with the cost per distance / weight. The final value of the supply will always be previously provided to the customer.

3.4 Supply prices, delivery or assembly does not include means of transportation or special access such as ladders or external cranes or construction changes on doors, windows, stairs or other property structures.

3.5 VM Home Design reserves the right to modify the selling prices whenever we understand more convenient, respecting the law, and ensuring existing commitments with its customers with the exceptions noted in 3.1.

4. Litigation and Liability

4.1 For any dispute arising from the application of these general conditions of use will be competent the Court of Mirandela County expressly waiving any other.

5. Payment

5.1 All data entered in our system are confidential and are completely safe. In the case of payments via ATM reference never exists transmission of personal information, which makes this a more secure method. For payments via credit card, VM Home Design forwards the customer for a payment gateway, which scrupulously complies with all the requirements for processing online secure payments. Order peacefully what you like and select the type of payment that suits you.

5.2 Payment Methods:

  • ATM;
  • authorized credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express);
  • Bank transfer;
  • Paypal. Payments via Paypal will be processed in Euros and the exchange rate used is charged to the customer;
  • Payment in cash (50% when ordering and 50% upon delivery);

VM Home Design reserves the right to refuse a delivery or meet an order from a customer who has not paid in full or in part.
All payments must be made within 15 business days after placing the order. After this period, the order will be canceled.

6. Order
6.1 Availability of stock
Stock availability dates listed are estimates and are subject to verification and logistical factors of production that we can estimate but which are dependent on third parties. If, through no fault of VM Home Design, you cannot get a product from suppliers within the period specified the customer will be informed of the order status. Thus, the customer can opt for the cancellation of your order or choose another product.
 The order confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail subject to the email address provided does not show any error.
Upon availability for the survey at our facilities or delivery to the desired address an email is sent to the customer or contacted via phone and will be scheduled date and time to be arranged with the customer. Unable to make the delivery, the customer will be contacted to reschedule.
6.2 Order Cancellation
The customer can only make the cancellation of your order within 24 hours of confirmation. The cancellation can only be made by our customer support service through loja@vmhomedesign.com  or tel. 00351 965 302 159. The cancellation will only be effective upon receipt of confirmation.
When placing your order, the customer expresses full and complete acceptance of the terms of sale, price and description of the products included in this transaction.
In the absence of product availability, VM Home Design is committed to inform the customer and to reimburse him the amount he has paid no later than 10 (ten) days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.

7. Delivery

7.1 Delivery will be made in the following ways:

  • The customer can make a survey on our premises, making himself accompanied by a valid ID and the respective proof of purchase or order. The lifting of the order on our premises does not require postage costs.
  • The order can be delivered in the client's home or desired address by an expert team of our responsibility.
  • Orders with reduced volume or price will be carried out by companies responsible for express delivery.

7.2 Deadline for delivery
The estimated delivery time is indicated next to each product.
The products that are available in stock will be dispatched within a maximum of 10 working days after payment confirmation.
Products that are not available in stock will be shipped within the period mentioned on the page, except third-party dependent situations.

8. Exchanges and Returns
VM Home Design meets every effort to ensure that all products marketed are in perfect condition and according to the technical characteristics published.
When there is a delivery of objects into the address given by the customer, it should always conduct a verification of delivered objects, and if they are detected any abnormalities, defects or lapses in goods received attributable to VM Home Design should the same be claimed through one of several contacts available for further resolution.
If the customer find any anomaly or deterioration should return the product to the address indicated below, properly packaged in its original packaging and accompanied by the invoice, not showing signs of wear.
The item to return must be sent or delivered exclusively to the address Rua Eng. Machado Vaz, nº 3756, 5370-440 Mirandela.
The return will give rise to a credit to be used for future purchases less the shipping costs.
Returning due to logistical error of VM Home Design, after contacting the customer, it is made the withdrawing of the article and assumed the charges of return and the correct product delivery.
In case of return, the costumer should get in touch with our support service at loja@vmhomedesign.com. The exchange is subject to availability. All associated costs are the customer's responsibility.

9. Warranty

The two-year warranty period starts as soon as you receive your goods. When there is delivery of products you should always carry out the examination of the goods.

It is assumed that the product is covered by this law when it does not conform:

  • Do not match the description, or has not the qualities that the model presented;
  • Not suitable for normally used for which goods of the same type;
  • Do not have the qualities and the usual performance in goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and the statements made in the online store;
  • Displays lack of conformity, commonly referred to as defect.

In case any abnormalities are detected, defects or gaps attributable to the goods received VM Home Design should the same be claimed by one of the many contacts available for subsequent resolution.

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